fourth printing
The Book Tree, 1999 
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"It is gratifying that a mere decade after the publication of my work, an author with the grasp that Neil Freer displays in Breaking The Godspell has set out to probe what the recognition of the existence and Earth visits of the Nefilim can mean -- not just to scientists and theologians -- but to each human being upon this planet Earth."
Zecharia Sitchin
Author, The Earth Chronicle Series


    Zecharia Sitchin has demonstrated that the transcultural gods, the Annunaki/Nefilim, of the ancient civilizations from the tenth planet, Nibiru, in our solar system colonized Earth, created the human species by genetically crossing their genes with Homo Erectus. Corroboration comes from evidence for Planet X/Nibiru from the  Naval  Observatory,    the  mitochondrial  DNA  "search  for  Eve", "out of Africa"  data  placing our genesis in Central Africa 250,000 years. We have progressed from being their slave animals to limited partnership and are now phasing out of a 3000 year traumatic transition to racial independence, a rapid metamorphic process, under the  imperative of our advanced Nefilim  genetic component.   We now have the keys to integrate our past in the concept of generic humanity, the critical  factor for planetary unity.
What are the astounding ramifications? We are the product of that Nefilim technology, a mutant species with bicameral genetics, bicameral  mind. The word from  station DNA is we, these "gods" wear designer genes. Institutional "religion" is a sublimation of the ancient godspell, the subservient master-slave relationship; transcendental experience participation at the leading edge of that metamorphic self-exploration/expansion. The "occult" is time-release packages of advanced technological information entrusted to us in "crash courses" in civilization until we could break its code. Ooparts, high-tech tools, toys, artifacts, “out of place” in time are remnants of lost technology and knowledge. The new synthesis  subsumes partial glimpses of a new politic, new world order, enlightened eco-economics, re-hashed Eastern or Western mysticism, a third culture, spiritualized psychology, or cerebral turning points. The totems and taboos of our racial  adolescence dispelled,  Prometheus can  get off his rock and reach genetic satori;  Job  can  get  off  his dung heap and complete his EST training; Buddha can open his eyes  and  reach  genetic enlightenment.

What to do after genetic enlightenment has broken the godspell, the looking-to-the-sky-for-daddy to return, master-slave  attitude  the deepest  dye in the fabrics of all cultures? Physical immortality, possessed  by  the Nefilim, withheld from humans, will be transformed from “religious” afterlife reward to the dominant characteristic of the dawning phase of our racial maturation. We will be our own "gods", our  own genetic credentials, play our own god-games with an unassailable racial identity enabling us to step confidently into  stellar society.
"Breaking The Godspell is a stimulating, startling, engrossing, thought-provoking work.  The author, Neil Freer, is a major philosophic voice. He weaves together an amazing mosaic of archeology, myth, history, comparative religion, mixed in with innovative perspectives from genetics, information  theory,   psychology   and neurology.  The book is an encyclopedia of innovative ideas and engaging speculation.  It will alter your consciousness. It could change your life."

                              Timothy Leary, Ph.D -- Author of Info-Psychology