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Recommended as essential background  and parallel reading

 These are the critical works that contain the groundbreaking research and thesis of the new paradigm.  I believe that Sitchin and Gardner should be awarded a Nobel Prize for their work.

Zecharia Sitchin
The Twelfth Planet;  The Stairway To Heaven;  The Wars Of Gods And Men; The Lost Realms; When Time Began; Divine Encounters; The Cosmic Code; The Lost Book of Enki; Genesis Revisited. (Avon, paperbacks;  Bear And Company, Santa Fe, for the hardback editions)  to purchase  http:/    or



Sir Laurence Gardner   An extraordinary set of works has been published of recent date by Sir Laurence Gardner, an English genealogist and historian.  Working from privileged and unique access to the private archives and libraries of some thirty royal families of Europe,  exhaustive research  in history and with the advantage of the revelations of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hamadi documents,  Sir Laurence has revealed the true history of the bloodline of kings, enhanced with additional Anunnaki genes,  instituted by the Anunnaki, Enki,  in Sumer. This bloodline, existing to this day in the Royal Scots,  is actually the Holy Grail. (GRA AL,  special bloodline: Sumerian) In allowing the heterodox line of bloodline Christianity to finally have voice and come forth from the secrecy that protected it from the Inquisition which was a systematic attempt to erase it,  Sir Laurence has taken over where Sitchin left off .  Taken together, their work allows us to rewrite the entire history of western culture and, indeed, the planet.   Highly recommended.
Bloodline of the Holy Grail            (Element Books,   1996)
Genesis of the Grail KIngs             (Bantam Press,     1999)

Realm of the Ringlords                  (Media Quest,       2000)
Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark      (Element Books,    2003)

Sir Laurence Gardner's website is at
For a good introduction to his thesis and general overview of his work  go to
and scan down to Selected Articles and read three, three-part lecture transcript in the sequence,  Bloodline,   Starfire,   Ringlords.

Books to  which I have been privileged to contribute an essay: 

  Of Heaven And Earth
(The Book Tree, 1996)  (symposium IANS conference 1996)
Zecharia Sitchin (editor)
Madelain Briskin,  Marlene Evans, 
V. Susan Ferguson, Neil Freer 
J. Antonio Huneeus, Charles Louis Moore

Fitting of a book which takes a Zen-like approach,  Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters, edited by David Pursglove,  fits no easy categories -- or,  perhaps,  it includes all categories depending on with which hand you are clapping  at the non-moment.  It is an extended koan that is particularly pertinent and insightful as we move rapidly into the phase of direct contact with alien species and particularly with the Nefilim.  I am privileged to have contributed an essay to it and recommend it with a quote by me David has included in the frontispiece:

"We need to matriculate from an answer-
based  philosophical mode to an  event-
oriented  one.  A  limited,  precursory
model  of this  can be  demonstrated by
the roundabout, intuitive techniques of
the  East  and  in  Zen.  The 'correct'
answer  to a Zen monk's  koan is  not a
syllogistic  resolution,  but an event:
the seeker who succeeds, who 'gets it',
pops  a   neurological  relay  into  an
expanded,  non-linear   awareness  that
subsumes rationality --like Einsteinian
relativity does Newtonian mechanics"

David Pursglove, Zen In The Art Of Close Encounters, (The New Being Project,  Berkeley, CA, 1995)

To  sample several varieties of enlightenment,  avoid terminal skepticism and purchase a copy, all with a single click, visit David's website at

Lloyd Pye,  All The Things You Know Are Wrong: Book 1: Human Evolution (Adamu Press, 1997)  ( Fine,  systematic work. Reinforces Sitchin's thesis.)  Visit his website at

 A website that deals with Sitchin's thesis and related topics from various perspectives and offers excellent pictures of artifacts and museum objects is run by Jason Martell

Recommended for their information on specific topics although they may not recognize the new paradigm:

Joseph Campbell The Masks Of God, ( Viking Penguin Inc. , New York, NY, 1969)

Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson Forbidden Archeology, ( Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing , Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 1996).

J. DavidovitsThe Pyramids, An Enigma Solved (reference not available, 1979 )

Marija Gimbutas,  see:  numerous books and articles in Journal  Of Indo-European Studies

Richard Hoagland, The Monuments Of  Mars , ( North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1987)

Riane Isler The Chalice And The Blade, ( Harper and Row,  San Francisco, CA., 1987)

Julian Jaynes, The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind,  (Houghton Mifflin,  Boston, 1976).  See comments about the Jaynes-Campbell syndrome in the paper, From Godspell To God Games found under the Index.

Merlin StoneWhen God Was A Woman, ( Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1976)

Tom Van Flandern, Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets ( North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 1993).  Tom is an astronomer, formerly with the U. S. Naval Observatory,  a very independent thinker.  I recommend  checking out his website at

Timothy Leary Info-Psychology, (New Falcon Publications, Phoenix, 1987)
                       Changing My Mind Among Others (New Falcon Publications)